Who We Are

A Distinct Identity

Who we are:

 The Bridge-India is “Trust Act “recognized Social service Foundation. The Bridge-India initiated its construction on 26th December, 2012 with the sole aim on enlightening scrupulous integrity of Sustainable Development to reach all group of people range from childhood to senescence.


Our Pillars:

  • Build Your World (Life skills, Evening Tuition Centers & Educational Awareness programs)

  • Heart In Hand (Medical Camps & Health Awareness Programs)

  • Research (Social & Market Research)

  • Span and Shine ( Volunteer and internship in India & Abroad )

  • Training Programs (“New Life”, “Youth Leadership Camp”) 

  • Special Projects



The organization is driven by the mission to facilitate the process of creating an enabling environment for children and youth to exercise their skills and create a support system to elevate them.


Our vision is to guide youth for their holistic development by channelizing their energy towards meaningful activities, thus bringing about a positive and constructive thinking that results in prosperity.