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The Bridge-India is “Trust Act “recognized Social service Foundation. The Bridge-India initiated its construction on 26th December, 2012 with the sole aim on enlightening scrupulous integrity of Sustainable Development to reach all group of people range from childhood to senescence.


Our Pillars:

  • Build Your World (Life skills, Evening Tuition Centers & Educational Awareness programs)

  • Heart In Hand (Medical Camps & Health Awareness Programs)

  • Research (Social & Market Research)

  • Span and Shine ( Volunteer and internship in India & Abroad )

  • Training Programs (“New Life”, “Youth Leadership Camp”)

  • Special Projects

The Bridge is a not-for-profit organization working towards education, health, Research and skill development of children and youth across India.

The organization is driven by the mission to facilitate the process of creating an enabling environment for children and youth to exercise their skills and create a support system to elevate them. Its vision is to guide youth for their holistic development by channelizing their energy towards meaningful activities, thus bringing about a positive and constructive thinking that results in prosperity.

THE BRIDGE programmers include training sessions, thus providing a platform to these children to hone their skills and showcase their talent. THE BRIDGE taps in to the potential talent and provides opportunity to climb up the The Bridge of social empowerment and shape character by inculcating a sense of belongingness in the society. Some of the “THE BRIDGE” beneficiaries are currently playing at the national and international circuits and earn laurels for the country.

THE BRIDGE is currently the largest organization that ensures youth development through Life Skills in Vellore, Tamil Nadu With focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sports, and other activities.



The Bridge is an India-based Vellore -headquartered organisation which uses Life Skills to transformative the lives of the underprivileged youth. It was founded in 2012 by Madhivanan MSW, a Social Worker, brand consultant and social entrepreneur. It uses Life Skills to help the disadvantaged break out of the vicious circle of poverty and promote inclusive social growth in their communities. The organisation was formally registered in 2012.


  • We provide a platform where youngsters get a chance to showcase their talent and foster it as a mean of livelihood.

  • We attempt to teach them the importance of character and personality building.

  • We endeavor to facilitate the journey of up liftment of the destitute youth who have the potential to become the future of the nation.

  • We extend a helping hand to the youth at the bottom of the pyramid who are often denied access to the increasing opportunities.

  • We make youth a stakeholder in the inclusive growth of the country and steer them away from falling prey to anti-social elements and self-destructing.

  • We try to achieve all this by providing deserving kids with scholarships, infrastructure, equipment and training.

  • We organised educational and health programmes.



The programme are facilitated by local community leaders, volunteers.
Local community leaders help in identifying the prospective participants.
Thereafter, “The Bridge” first holds counseling and talent identification camps to understand the community. Coaching camps are the next step. They implement the programme based on local needs.



We are empowering and preparing leaders as well as good citizens. Our work with youth and communities is yielding dividend. The Bridge is playing its part in bringing about sustainable change in the communities it partners.

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