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We specialist in research, and we have a deep understanding of the funding and policy environment within which it takes place. This means we can quickly get to the heart of the issues faced by our clients, and can draw on our insights and network to find solutions. We have a genuine desire to make a difference to the way research is managed, disseminated and commercialized, and set ourselves the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


Evidence Based Insights:


Working closely with our clients, we ensure we fully understand the existing context and evidence base relevant to any project, then build on this through quantitative and qualitative methods to deliver fresh insights. We have run a large number of sophisticated on-line surveys, and we can deliver interviews and focus groups both face-to-face and through videoconferencing technology.
Our blend of academic rigor and commercial acumen allows us to deliver results that withstand critical scrutiny. By bringing to bear specialist expertise in data analytics and financial modelling, we are committed to giving clear answers and practical solutions in an accessible and informative way.


Knowledge and Networking:


Research takes place in a complex ecosystem where change comes slowly and relies on consensus. We won’t try to shortcut this process, or pretend these challenges don’t exist. But we’ll usually have a good idea of what to look at, who to speak to, and what approach is needed to deliver meaningful results.
We are respected by many key stakeholders in academic research and scholarly communications. This allows us to make connections and source information that others cannot. Our work spans organisational and national boundaries and we frequently provide independent expertise at the nexus between government, academia and the private sector.


Professional Delivery:

We make sure project outcomes are defined clearly from the outset, and we do everything in our power to deliver polished results, on time and on budget. Accredited to the ISO 9001 (2015) quality management standard, we deliver high-quality outputs in written, graphical and video formats. If we aren’t the right people for a project, we’ll tell you this honestly – and if we’re fully committed we’ll decline opportunities rather than sell existing clients short.


We support strategy development through our expertise in bibliometrics, and bring considerable expertise in the selection and implementation of current research information systems (CRIS). We help institutions evaluate the effectiveness of their research support functions, providing independent expert advice informed by our knowledge of practice across the higher education sector. We deliver training and facilitation for institutional managers, researchers and research support staff on topics ranging from strategy development to team-building, and from financial management to partnership development.

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