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Village Adoption Programme 

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Village adoption is an initiative to work alongside the community at the grass root level, while enabling and empowering them to pursue the goal of sustainable development. An essential part of this initiative is to create lasting changes in the lives of beneficiaries by inspiring, educating and enabling them to create and utilise opportunities around them.With a vision to facilitate integrated and holistic development of the village, The Bridge trust adopted Vinnavadi village, Cheyyar Block in Tiruvannamalai district supported by Mr.Manicavelu & Mrs.Panchalai family especially Mr.Thanigaivelu extend his support in Knowledge Center. The organisation aims to realise its developmental vision by means of access to sanitation, clean water, electricity, adult education and vocational training to the households residing in the adopted Villages. The Bridge Trust also aims to understand the problems and social dynamics that exist at the grass root level and assimilate the catalysts responsible for building sustainable and cohesive communities.

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